QHSSE Documentation

QHSSE Documentation

The law requires all employers to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees and to ensure adequate arrangements are put in place to guarantee their safety and well-being.

In meeting this regulatory requirements and align with the minimum standard of practice expected by the regulators like Lagos State Safety Commission, the Factory Inspectors etc., Fire Service etc., it is important that the necessary documentation in support of your QHSSE Management System is developed and documented as required by the regulatory agencies and applicable guidance.

Our Consultants can provide your organisation with the necessary advice and guidance on how to improve your health and safety management system. These include carrying out a General Health and Safety Inspection of your facility / workplace together with preparing the necessary documentation required by law and the regulators.

Our area of expertise include

Some of the documents we can help you develop or services include:

  • General Health and Safety Inspection of the Facility.
  • Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)
  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • The HSE Management System Manual
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Employees Handbook
  • Training Need Analysis and Evaluation
  • Training Matrix / Plan
  • Compiling Pre-Construction Information
  • HSE Plan Development
  • HSE File Development
  • QHSSE Template Forms
  • Design risk assessment
  • Development of Procedures

General Health and Safety Inspection of the Facility

Regular workplace inspections are an important part of the overall occupational health and safety program and helps prevent injuries and illness. Through critical examination of the workplace, inspections identify and record hazards for corrective action. Hence, Kevron Consulting Limited (KCL) can help your organisation carry out a thorough inspection of its facilities. The purpose of the inspection is to:

  • Listen to the concerns of workers and supervisors
  • Gain further understanding of jobs and tasks
  • Identify existing and potential hazards
  • Determine underlying causes of hazards
  • Monitor hazard controls (personal protective equipment, engineering controls, policies, procedures)
  • Recommend corrective action

Our Approach

  • Stage 1: To understanding and agree on the scope of the inspection.
  • Stage 2: To carry out a desktop review of health and safety documentation, and inspection via observation of the entire workplace area including areas where no work is done regularly, such as parking lots, rest areas, office storage areas and any other areas to be agreed with management. Particular attention would be paid to items most likely to develop unsafe or unhealthy conditions because of some hazards such as poor housekeeping, stress, wear, impact, vibration, heat, corrosion, chemical reaction or misuse, manaual handling, vehicle movements, mechanical equipments, electricity,slips and trips, noise, workstation, lighting, faulty tools and equipments including working patterns that pose a risk etc.
  • Stage 3: Development of Inspection report with recommendations and action plan for management consideration
  • Stage 4 (Optional): Discussion of report findings and any other follow up actions if required.

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) and Fire Safety Inspection

The purpose is to assist your organisation in identifying the preventative and protective measures required to comply with the law. Our approach is to work with your organisation in setting up a suitable and sufficient fire safety management strategy tailored towards meeting your legal and corporate social responsibilities as regard fire safety management.

In achieving this, the following stages of work would have to be followed:

  • Stage 1: Kevron to carry out a fire risk assessment (FRA) of the building /facility or workplace
  • Stage 2: Development of an FRA report
  • Stage 3: Implementation of the control measures as contained in the report.
  • Stage 4: Fire Safety Awareness Training for staff and Fire Warden Training for nominated staff member.

Please, note that the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is required for us to be able to make a decision on whether your existing arrangement is adequate and meets legislative requirements.

FRA is the process of identifying fire hazards and evaluating the level of risk arising from the hazards, taking into account any existing control measures already put in place by your organisation.

The Health and Safety management System Manual

This is a standard document required by law and must be made available to inspectors on visiting the organisation's premises. It states the organisation's management system standard.

It set standards that the business must follow to effectively manage health and safety across the entire business unit and always in companies custody and shared with third party to show high level strategy and standard that the organisation subscribes to.

Health & Safety Policy

This document states the company's health and safety goals and objectives of the organisation and its strategic plans.

It states management commitments to health and safety and the organisation and arrangement put in place for managing health and safety risks.

Procedure Development

We can work with you and your team in developing the right procedure and steps required managing or minimising workplace risks.

Examples of Procedures include:

  • Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure
  • Emergency Procedure
  • QHSSE Audit Procedure
  • Inspection Procedure
  • Contractors Assessments Procedure
  • Work at Height and Rescue Plan Procedure
  • Personal Protective Equipment Procedure
  • Health and Safety Self-Assessment Procedure
  • Journey Management Procedure
  • Use of plant and equipment procedure
  • Method statement procedure
  • Risk assessment procedure

QHSSE Document Template

We provide the appropriate QHSSE document template for your operational use. Whether you need a risk assessment template, inspection templates or specific template that can make you work efficiently, we will always be there to guide and support you.